Friday, February 24, 2012

Vaje-Ate-Atelje Giveaway of little Nicodemo

These are the rules, be sure to follow them, because if you do not you will lose the chance to win adoable Nicodemo. This little cutie would have been posted early if I was so distracted with other things, sorry for the late posting.
You do not have to wait for Any Opportunity to make something cheerful and Joyous.
I want to give you a little Nicodemo absolutely without occasion. Nicodemo has long time looking for new cozy home. I saw how sad it is ...
I DECIDED HIS Slightly to dispel bad mood, the ones up a natural silk Scarf, to hang on HIS neck and a rusty bell to find loving homes for him.
I would like today to announce my blog giveaway! Teddy boy Nicodemo (15cm tall) will go to the most Successful Participant of giveaway. . The rules are as usual:
You must be a follower of this blog,
You post the picture of Nicodemo in your blog or FB with active link to this post
You leave your name and your blog / FB URL links to the MR
You leave a comment here. That's it!
Please return on February 29 to find out who is the winner! Good luck!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

WIP Shelf Sitter Pictures

Here goes, she still needs hands and a neck, along with being sanded
and all kinds of tough ups, to make sure everything is evened out.
Her body, and head need to be sealed back together. I still need
figure how to shape her joints. Then on to painting her. I need to
make her joints work. Her hair will look like horns made of  red mohair..
I hope to have  her put together by next weekend, then on to
clothing her. I will also name her this week sometime.
I know that her body doesn't have to be perfect, but I seem to                                                                be my worse critic. I think, i'm doing pretty good with out instruction.
I will add more pictures after I get her together.
Have a great weekend.

WIP Shelf Sitter

Hi everyone, the suns has been shining here today so far, spring is on it's way.
Well I have almost finished sculpting her body parts, I still have her ears and
hand to do, if I don't get them finished, I will post pictures of what progress
I have made later. I'm not sure if I am going to string her yet, seemings I do 
not know for sure what I am doing with no instruction, I order a book on how 
 to make a BJD, but it has not arrived yet, so this little gal is taking on her own
shape, oh well, I just hope she turns out to the way I imagine her at least from my
drawing or my artistic brain, but we artists know that our creation normally take
on there own form and so far she's wanting to be stringed. Ok off I go to photograph
some pictures of her. Will post later tonight. Everyone have a great day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

I wish all of my freinds a very Happy Valentine's Day, enjoy your speical day.

This is my design, it took me about and hour to create, something quickly
put together.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Northville Historical Park, Michigan

I have been looking for this photo for sometime, now that I have found it I
am going to post it so I know where it is just in case the computer crashes.
The photo was taken at Northville Historical Park, behind the Mill Race Village,
at 215 Griswold, Northville, Michigan, the same park where the
Ghoultide Gathering use to be. Which has been moved to Chelsea Fairgrounds
20501 Old US-12 Hwy, Chelsea, Michigan October 5th & 6th 2012