Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lucian the Lycan

 I would like you to meet Lucian.
As spawn of the underworld, Lycan's were raised to be servants for the vampires, to protect them during daylight hours while they slept. In return the vampires protected the lycan's at night, to keep both bloodlines alive. Lucian rebelled and started eliminating the vampires, for total control. He would feast on their hearts as he removed them from their chest, but when there are no more vampires, who will be his next creatures to feast on.   
Lucain was born on 05/28/2011, he will be placed on ebay tonight.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gothic Red Riding Hood Valerie

I would like you to meet "Gothic Little Red Riding Hood Valerie", born on 05/15/2011, everybody knows  the conventional story of Little Red Riding Hood. 
 Valerie came to possess the famous red cloak, she always tried to be good, or so our voiceover tells us and since  we all know that the wolf killed granny.
My Red Riding Hood desires revenge and hunts the big bad wolf down with an ax she'd been carrying with her for some time. 
With the wolf's head in her basket, she will never be the same, as she has the taste of blood in her soul and on her hands.
 Nobody knows where she will strike next.
She will be listed on Ebay as of 05/18/2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome and Hello

Hi, I am  new at this and don' know where to start, first off "Welcome" to my blog.
These doll pictures are of my artistic creations. As you can tell, i favor the gothic side of art.
I REALLY enjoy creating artistic dolls which i have been doing for about five years.
I'm also a Published Photograper which has enable me to reach beyond my imagination in any
artistic form.
In our spare time, my husband and I enjoy bike riding, of the harley type.
I hope you enjoy your stay and come back to see my news creation.