Monday, January 30, 2012

WIP Shelf Sitter, BJD, Sculpture, Fabric Art Drawings

I Really need to get busy making these different art dolls, I have to get the shelf sitter done
first she is going to Ca for the March Shelf Sitter Challenge. 
Which I  pull out my drawing book, that dates back aways, because I know that one of these drawings  need to come to life. Most of my drawings are gothic,  So here goes.

                                 1st one is Ardat Lili, she will be a shelf sitter or a BJD,
she will be dressed in red and white which will lace up her upper back and then the lower side and back there will be lots of layers of white lace or sheer fabric, then one layer of red crush or silk fabric flowing from her back side.
Ardat Lili will have red hair hanging from her horns, also a red or white chain hanging from one of her ears, she will have redish eyes, red and black lips, white skin with her veins showing through. She will have vintage boots that will be white leather with red trim and buttons. White lace stocking with red string through them and her arms will match, also puffy shoulders.  At each joint I will use a red rhinestone with silver bead that will have a red string going through the bead if she is the shelf sitter other wise the jointed area will be clay for the BJD .  Less than a month to get her done.

                                       2nd Kalista will be Fabric and Clay or just a sculpture,
I need to redraw her with these wings or just add them on the page, I have to decide what I want to put into her hand.
I also need to design her clothing which will be in black leather , I think..

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Proud to say that Trapped has been published in Spring Art Doll Quarterly 2012

I was excited to see my sculpture Trapped along with 7 other friend Mary ="Arabella", Kathie = "Violet", Daryle = "Havest Moon", Marcia = "Cef Vinny", J. Ann = "Dancer, Resting", Mary = "Golf Widow', Christine = "The Promise Keeper" and Cathy = "Louisa, Miss Magnolia 1939", they are all very gifted artist, congrats to all of you.

Tim Burton's Busy 2012: 'Dark Shadows' And 'Frankenweenie' Arrive!

Tim Burton's Busy 2012: 'Dark Shadows' And 'Frankenweenie' Arrive!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Warlock Warrior Darken Deimos

To cross his path would mean certain doom.

You wouldn't stand a chance once his eyes locked onto your gaze

and put you under his spell.

He uses his magic on whoever he chooses.

Many know him as " Darken Deimos ", the warlock warrior of the dark art.

Beware his presence.

He will go up for auction on January 15th, 2012 on Ebay under
Primitive Folk Art Warlock Warrior OOAK DMA

Thursday, January 5, 2012

WIP Warlock Darken Deimos

Just though I'd show you the unfinished picture of the warlocks feet and legs and some ruff drawings of the warlock.
It's great to be back at it, i'm getting ready to start sanding and painting, not sure if I will add an upper skull with spikes coming out of it's skull at the middle of the arm.
then dress him.  If everything goes well he will be finished by the end of this week
or begining of next week. I have to go to work.
Let me know what you think.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Years

I hope that everyone had a maginificent New Years, and wonderful celebration with your family and friends. I wish for your coming year be filled with enchanting magic and amazing dreams of what is to come . So it's time to pack the old away and begin a new phase in your life. The possibilities are all around us, as we all start a new journey in our lives. I wish for all to be joyous, healthy, and successful. May all of your hopes and dreams come to light.
So I say again have an enchanting journey this year.
It's time to start designing and creating my little enchanting critters. This year I hope to also take some of my drawings an turn them into Sculptures/BJD, my art fabric enchanting critters or dolls will still be my main creation, but I desire to expand my creations to sculpting ect, I like  the spooky side of art, and know that I could really make some gothic sculptures/BJD ect. I will have to post some pictures of my drawing when I snap photos of them.
Well anyways enough about my desires.
Happy Journey to all.