Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy News to all my family and freinds.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Changed Angeni's name to Chandra Ravensclaw

Hi everybody, tomorrows 12/12/2012, thats sounds like an really awesome day. I wonder how many babies will be born, or how many lottery ticket with these numbers12/12.
Well the more I kept looking at Angeni name it just did not suit her so I liked Chandra Ravensclaw.
I made her a Rat, Snake, Cameo Rose and a Claw. I started a story about few months ago of a Bride-To-Be.  I plan on doing my characters in clay & drawings for my book. But while I was make this Bride-To-Be, she sorta reminded me of the my character for my book. She will be a skeleton and there will also be a human form which is somewhat her, i'm sure when I start the clay doll there will be a difference. I will give you a small example of part of the story.

Chandra is a Bride-To-Be, on the day before her wedding she is tragically  murder  while out taking her late night ride in her horse and buggy at the stroke of midnight.  As Chandra strolled down the same dark road that she  traveled many times, a mist of fog appeared in the air on a summer night, a creepy eerie feeling brushed over her. Within  moments her soul was floating above her body.  Chandra though she was dreaming.  Her ghost waits at the alter for her husband to be, but has no ideal that she is no longer of human form on this earth.

So have you become curious to how this story will unfold. Some day I will publishes the full story.  Any ways a few more pictures of Chandra.

I was in a hurry and forgot to get photos of the snake and claw on her other arm and hand. The Rat looks alot better in person then in this photo, for some reason the grays which  are blended in the black did not show in the photo. She does stand on her own.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Angeni the Gothic Ghost Bride

Hello everyone, heres a few pictures of Angeni, I still have to finish her little creepy crawlers and when completed I will post pictures of them with her.
Angeni stands on her own as all of my art dolls do, she does not need a doll stand as most fabric or fabric/clay art doll do.
My next creation is going to be a pair of high top boot style tennis shoe, I will be drawing and painting Jack & Sally on the shoes for a christmas present and also I will start on a all clay art scupture.



Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family and freinds, wishing you a wonderful time with your family and freinds.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of "Angeni" the Gothic Ghost Bride, I still have to finish up her little creepy crawlers and will post more pics when they are done, till tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Spooky Halloween, hope all have a spookytacular day.

Well my Fabric/clay Ghost Bride is coming along, getting ready to start on her hands, have to sand the rest of her then start painting her, then on to designing her gown and vail and whatever little extra like creepy flowers or whatever comes to mind.
I will be creating a ghost bride in clay, also when I finish this one, she will be a bit more scarier, but simular.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So my wrist is getting better and I think i'm going to try to make a few art dolls, 2 fabric/clay and 1 clay.
I have been sewing Emily Rose's gown for my granddaughter, I will also be doing her make up for halloween.
Next Saturday I will be taking the grand kids to Halloween Greenfield Village. I want to take them to Halloween Ceder Point but not sure they would be up to the walking, maybe in a few years.

Well I thought you might want to see a few picture of a costume that I designed or created and won 1st place everytime I wore it, I'm in the mood to create another one just as creepy. I made Ronald McDonald for the hubby, that was different and not creepy, a sweet kitty for my daughter which also was not creepy, I guess i'm the only one that loves creepy, my granddaughter sorta likes creepy.
Heres 3 picture in stages, first is air brushed then apply different shape prosthetics, then blend make up to match, My hair is made out of rope, hat was straw painted black and sanded, faux raven glued to the hat along with a snake. The the top, skirt, and trench coat all made from a faux suede, straw, square patches. Only 14 day till hallow night, just love this time of the year.
I'll see if I can locate the other costumes I have created.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Well the cast is off and therapy has started

Hi everyone, been a while and i'm hoping it will not be to much longer before I can start creating my art dolls again. I have been drawing and paint with one hand, still not the same as being able to use two hands, I would not wish this on anyone.
I hope to have full strength or use of my hand  within a few weeks. I was able take some photographs of my niece wedding on the beach over laber day weekend. After she has decided on the photo's that she wants in her book that I will be making then I will post those photos. But in the mean time I took this photo while I was up north in Oscoda, Mi.

Can you see the moon over the your right side of my photo, so how many of you out there could challenge yourself to capture both the sun and the moon in the same photo.

Thanks for stopping by, Darlene

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ardat Lili Published in Art Doll Quarterly

Hi everyone, it's been awhile , I dislocated my wrist and fractured my ulna, radius, and 5 small bones in my left hand back on July 1st. Dr said it would be in a cast for 6 weeks, well it's almost 4 weeks, the pins come out on Monday, so hopefully he will not put the cast back on so that I can create my creepy bride.

Well I have some awesome news my Ardat Lili was published in the Art Doll Quarterly on page 63,and 73. There are alot of well known talented artists in this issue, congrats to all artists.

I really miss my art creation and photography, I do not wish this on anyone.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hope and Ambrosia

Hi everyone, hope all is well.
Ambrosia is in Az.
I been busy with my new puppy "Hope",
she the best puppy I have ever had,
she very smart.
Well i'm getting ready to start on a new
art doll not sure what. Well anyways
heres a couple of photo's, 2 of Ambrosia
and 1 of "Hope". 
Hope everyone has an awesome 4th of 
July.  Not sure why but I am having trouble
posting my pictures.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ambrosia WIP

WIP Ambrosia, still have a few things I have to do, she stands on her own, I need to make her hair pretty, if the skull isn't to heavy I will place it in her hand, I have to still place some bones on her neck, touch up her paint, fix her necklace, ect ect ect. So many things that she wants done.
Her Skelly leg had to be replaced 3 time, not sure if the clay was bad or she just did not like those skelly legs. She will live for Az. monday.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day
I designed and wrote the word to honor all servicemen, servicewomen, and war dogs.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

In memory of my Mother and all other Mothers.

In Memory of my mother and all the other mothers in heaven.
I miss the sound of your voice, I cherish the time we had, I miss you, I love you mom .
I burn these candles for you and all the other mothers.
RIP to all the beautiful mothers.

Happy Mother's Day Poem

                             Hi everybody, i'm wishing all the mother's
out there to have a beautiful day.
                                                  I designed this along with writing this poem.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happpppppppy Easter, everyone

I wish everybody a Happy Easter.
These two designs are done in about 15-20 layer of graphic designs, I hope everyone enjoy's them.

Have a wonderful day.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Computer Crashed

Hi everyone, been having trouble with signing in for about 6 days. Well being the computer took a crab, i'm guessing that was the reason, I will know more on Tuesday what the damage is, fix it or buy a new one.

So how many people played the mega millions tonight. I did and we are one of the dreamers hoping for a piece of the pie.  What would you do if you won. I know the first thing I would do is take care of mine and his kids, grandkid, sister's, then I would donate to the childrens, animals and veterans charities of some kind. Then me and my husband Rick would live our dreams out.
Isn't it awesome to dream. So to all that played I wish you the best of luck, because my fingers are crossed.
 Everyone have an awesome night,

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

 I hope everybody has a wonderful day which is
traditionally celebrated by the Irish in honor of their patron saint.
Have an awesome weekend even if you are not Irish.

Skelly Beauty my next creation

Ok this is Skelly Beauty for now,
I will not name her till I create her, which will be this weekend into the end of
next week, not sure if she will be a fabric/clay art doll or just clay, also if she is
a fabric/ clay art doll these will be her cloths. Now lets just see if I can create her
pretty close to my drawing, which usually dosen't  happen because my art steers
me in a different direction it seems, thats ok, I do not mind.
Hope everyone has a great St Patrick's Day this weekend.

                                                  Copyright:Enchanted Legacy LLC 2004

Copyright:Enchanted Legacy LLC 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ardat Lili the Shelf Sitter is Finished

Hi everybody, "Ardat Lili"  is finished and on her way to California
 and I just hope she makes it there safely and gets there before the 15th.
She is slightly different from my drawing only because my sculptures or
any art medium come from my heart and soul, and there's a part of me
that connects with my creations.
I used LaDoll Premier Clay to sculpt her.
I changed the stlye of her clothing 3 times, decided not to put hair on
her only because I was running out of time, so I put red rhinestones
going down the back and top of her head. There was so much that I
wanted to do to her but you know how that goes when there just is
not enought time in the day to complete all your obligation.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dark Alley: Easter Giveaway!!!!

Dark Alley: Easter Giveaway!!!!: Easter is falling on April 8 this year, just a month away! I will be very happy is this bunny finds a home by then. This guy's name ...

Veronika is a gifted artist, visit her blog for a chance to win this adorable critter.

Something I designed for fun

Hi everyone, well Ardat Lili is painted and will be clothed by the end of Monday if thing go smooth.
She looken like she is made of porcelain in stead of clay in the face, must be the way I painted her face.
I will post pictures of her sometime this week.

In the mean time here one of my favorite things to do, art on the computer.
I hope everyone has enjoyed there weekend.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Vaje-Ate-Atelje Giveaway of little Nicodemo

These are the rules, be sure to follow them, because if you do not you will lose the chance to win adoable Nicodemo. This little cutie would have been posted early if I was so distracted with other things, sorry for the late posting.
You do not have to wait for Any Opportunity to make something cheerful and Joyous.
I want to give you a little Nicodemo absolutely without occasion. Nicodemo has long time looking for new cozy home. I saw how sad it is ...
I DECIDED HIS Slightly to dispel bad mood, the ones up a natural silk Scarf, to hang on HIS neck and a rusty bell to find loving homes for him.
I would like today to announce my blog giveaway! Teddy boy Nicodemo (15cm tall) will go to the most Successful Participant of giveaway. . The rules are as usual:
You must be a follower of this blog,
You post the picture of Nicodemo in your blog or FB with active link to this post
You leave your name and your blog / FB URL links to the MR
You leave a comment here. That's it!
Please return on February 29 to find out who is the winner! Good luck!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

WIP Shelf Sitter Pictures

Here goes, she still needs hands and a neck, along with being sanded
and all kinds of tough ups, to make sure everything is evened out.
Her body, and head need to be sealed back together. I still need
figure how to shape her joints. Then on to painting her. I need to
make her joints work. Her hair will look like horns made of  red mohair..
I hope to have  her put together by next weekend, then on to
clothing her. I will also name her this week sometime.
I know that her body doesn't have to be perfect, but I seem to                                                                be my worse critic. I think, i'm doing pretty good with out instruction.
I will add more pictures after I get her together.
Have a great weekend.

WIP Shelf Sitter

Hi everyone, the suns has been shining here today so far, spring is on it's way.
Well I have almost finished sculpting her body parts, I still have her ears and
hand to do, if I don't get them finished, I will post pictures of what progress
I have made later. I'm not sure if I am going to string her yet, seemings I do 
not know for sure what I am doing with no instruction, I order a book on how 
 to make a BJD, but it has not arrived yet, so this little gal is taking on her own
shape, oh well, I just hope she turns out to the way I imagine her at least from my
drawing or my artistic brain, but we artists know that our creation normally take
on there own form and so far she's wanting to be stringed. Ok off I go to photograph
some pictures of her. Will post later tonight. Everyone have a great day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

I wish all of my freinds a very Happy Valentine's Day, enjoy your speical day.

This is my design, it took me about and hour to create, something quickly
put together.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Northville Historical Park, Michigan

I have been looking for this photo for sometime, now that I have found it I
am going to post it so I know where it is just in case the computer crashes.
The photo was taken at Northville Historical Park, behind the Mill Race Village,
at 215 Griswold, Northville, Michigan, the same park where the
Ghoultide Gathering use to be. Which has been moved to Chelsea Fairgrounds
20501 Old US-12 Hwy, Chelsea, Michigan October 5th & 6th 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

WIP Shelf Sitter, BJD, Sculpture, Fabric Art Drawings

I Really need to get busy making these different art dolls, I have to get the shelf sitter done
first she is going to Ca for the March Shelf Sitter Challenge. 
Which I  pull out my drawing book, that dates back aways, because I know that one of these drawings  need to come to life. Most of my drawings are gothic,  So here goes.

                                 1st one is Ardat Lili, she will be a shelf sitter or a BJD,
she will be dressed in red and white which will lace up her upper back and then the lower side and back there will be lots of layers of white lace or sheer fabric, then one layer of red crush or silk fabric flowing from her back side.
Ardat Lili will have red hair hanging from her horns, also a red or white chain hanging from one of her ears, she will have redish eyes, red and black lips, white skin with her veins showing through. She will have vintage boots that will be white leather with red trim and buttons. White lace stocking with red string through them and her arms will match, also puffy shoulders.  At each joint I will use a red rhinestone with silver bead that will have a red string going through the bead if she is the shelf sitter other wise the jointed area will be clay for the BJD .  Less than a month to get her done.

                                       2nd Kalista will be Fabric and Clay or just a sculpture,
I need to redraw her with these wings or just add them on the page, I have to decide what I want to put into her hand.
I also need to design her clothing which will be in black leather , I think..

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Proud to say that Trapped has been published in Spring Art Doll Quarterly 2012

I was excited to see my sculpture Trapped along with 7 other friend Mary ="Arabella", Kathie = "Violet", Daryle = "Havest Moon", Marcia = "Cef Vinny", J. Ann = "Dancer, Resting", Mary = "Golf Widow', Christine = "The Promise Keeper" and Cathy = "Louisa, Miss Magnolia 1939", they are all very gifted artist, congrats to all of you.