Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forever Love

I just though I'd share a few picture of a special place and time.
First Picture Me and my Husband Rick (Crash),
Second Picture Brother In Law Bob and Sister Carlene (Sundragon),
Third Picture Mike (Ponytail and Sister Pam (Lips)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"The Guardian of Hope" Fall Equinox Give Away

Daryle is a very creative artist,
so stop by the Woodstown Whimsies
and check out all his different art creation.

Fall Equinox Give Away
They love the fall season!

The cooler temps, putting there gardens to rest,

and the long shadows that dance across there  lawns.

They  are blessed... and want to share there blessing!

What better way... than a give-away!

And so "The Guardian of Hope" featured on page 65

of the fall issue of Art Doll Quarterly...

will find a new home on Friday, September 23, 2011...

the first day of Autumn!

the first day of Autumn!

Just stop by there blog and drop them a note... your name will be placed in the hat!
Here is the link to Woodstown Whimsies:
With joy from , Daryle (and Katie too!)
She will find a new home on Friday, September 23rd... the first day of Autumn!
There Blessings... Daryle & Katie

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zelda My Witch Artistic Doll

Just finished Damien and he will be on his way to Texas. Will post pictures later of him

I am starting my new "Witch  Zelda" her name derives from "Luck & Gray Warrior"
her orgin comes from Germanic
The name Zelda was first made famous  by Zelda Fitzgerald (1900-1948), the wife of novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald.
But she will be dressed in Black & Orange, Zelda may have that warrior look not sure yet, as she comes together, then i will deside how to design her outfit.

Amazing Double Rainbow, Beatifullly Lit Sky Photo

This was the results after a storm rolled over the Eastern Plains of Colorado. After funnel clouds, 70 mph winds, possible tornadoes, extreme flash flooding, lightning strikes and a road that washed clear away, he found himself wondering what the light would do after the storm had passed.
This was the result of  (Photograph Courtesy Nate Zeman / National Geographic Your Shot)

National Geographic

Saturday, September 17, 2011

SOOPER Big Give-away!!

Hi everyone, just though you might want to know about these
exciting artist workshop giveaway. Jane DesRosier is fabuluos artist.
Have a great day and good lucky.

All you have to do is follow these instruction when you visit
 Artist Jane DesRosier blog site.

1) Click LIFE BOOK link in the sidebar
2) Leave a comment below saying "I clicked"
3) Share about this great give-away (optional)

Drawing will be Oct 2, the day before registration begins.

to find out more about this fabulous giveaway..

1st Prize is one FREE spot in the Life Book Workshop

2nd Prize is an Original Jane DesRosier Painting
8" x 10" on watercolor paper

Friday, September 16, 2011

PbsArt Studio Give Away

Patti from PbsArtStudio  is giving away a beautiful art creation whimsical custom portrait(9x12)(8x10)or(10x10) of anything you choose in certian style... you choose the people you want to put in, the colors (including hair, eyes,clothes)you can send her a picture of who you want in it, a dog, a cat...for you, for get the picture....all you have to do is "like" her new fan page, leave her a comment there... anything you want, even a "boo" will do and then come back to Patti's  blog and let her know that you posted. Just to give you an idea, she is  making a custom portrait of a wedding couple, (she will post it when she done on her blog), so go ahead and stop by her blog.

Patti will choose a winner on September 20th, in the evening...
Want an extra chance to win?... just blog about her on your own blog and/or post a link on your facebook, of course you have to let me know you did that too!
(She changed her facebook, so make sure you are on her "fanpage", click on her fan box on Patti's  blog to get there...)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ghoultide Gathering Event is One of My Favorite Place This Time of Year, Northville, Michigan

My favorite time of the year Spooky Halloween. I have to tell you about this event that i attend every year.The (Ghoultide Gathering) which has many talented known artist,
like Johanna Parker, Scott Rucus, William Bezek, Nicol Sayre, Lori Ann Corelis, Monkey-Cat-Studio, King of Mice Studio, and there are so many more artists that will bring there creative art for this event. I have been attending this event for about 3 years, but this is the Ghoultide Gatherings 5th annual, you will love all the halloween art, and alot of it will be a one of a kind art creation.
Look below for the blog site.
The Ghoultide Gathering Address:
Mill Race Villiage
215 Griswold, Nothville,
Michigan 48167
Friday, September 30th, 2011 
Evening Early Buy
Ghoultide Gathering will open from 6pm to 9pm.
Admission to get in $20 at the gate. You can purchase tickets at 2pm on Friday and you can bring as many friends, family or guests.
By joining them on the evening early buy you have first choice of what the artists has created for this year's show.
Ghoultide Gathering totes will be given out (only while supplies last) and free access to the Saturday show.
There will be live music for entertainment outside and  food booth open in the afternoon for those of you lining up early.
They will also have complimentary beverage in the Cady Inn and various treats at the artists' tables after you have enter the gates.

Saturday, October 1st, 2011
Ghoultide Gathering will open from 10am to 2pm.

Admission is $5 at the gate.If you missed friday event you can join the artists  on Saturday because the will restock  their displays and offering new creation that were not shown on Friday evening. There will also be food and beverages available.

You can visit there blog  site to learn more about the artist and the event at
All I can say, is that you will enjoy this event.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Damien from Omen I

Well I have started to create Damien from Omen I, the more I look at pictures of him, he just seems to look like a normal little boy, not creepy at all, alot of the pictures were in black and white but i found a few in color, in the first picture he just looks a little mad with a browish color hair, I always though he had black hair but it may be brown, I like black better, I believe his eye are a greenish or blue color, and skin color is light flesh.
I have been asked to create him, it's going to be tricky to make him cute and maybe a little creepy.
Well off to creating. Have a great day

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hi everyone, i hope evreybody had a great holiday.
I just finished "Trapped" my first full body polymer clay sculpture.
She is only about 6 inches but in total the hole sculpture is about 16 inches.  
I have packaged her up and she is on her way to California.
Orginality i planned on naming her release, but when i began her,  
she took on her own form as to what she wanted me to
artistically create. 
My inspiration for "Trapped" was fantasizing of being in an imaginary world of magic.  "Trapped"  keeper has kept a bird's mask over her eyes so that it prevents her from seeing what she longs for, "Freedom".

                            Trapped made it to California
safely.  I was glad because while she was being created, I broke her hands 2 times, so i'm guessing she did not like the first 2 sets of hands.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Hi, hope everybody is enjoying Labor Day week end.
Fall is on it's way, Spooky hallow is around the corner,
I can wait.

Well anyways I like to show you a WIP of my Sculpture,
"Trapped" , her keeper has kept trapped in an oil lamp and brings her out every
so often but he keeps a birds mask over her eyes so that it prevents
her from seeing what she longs for "Freedom", she will also have shackles with
the chain on her back side at her neck and ankles..
I still have alot of work, sanding, painting, clothing her, mohair,and placing the
rhinestone on her. I'm hoping to have her finished this week.