Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jezebel the Lolth

Lolth is a Spider Queen and cruel and capricious, embodying the
absolute evil of the drow who live in the Underdark.
She can be kind and aid those she fancies, but she thrives on death, destruction, and torture - including those of her own worshippers who have displeased her.
She has many avatars, but her true form is that of a human-sized, exquisitely beautiful female drow.
Jezebel Born 06/18/2011
She will be placed on ebay 06/19/2011 under
Primitive Folk Art Jezebel Lolth OOAK doll
Sold, she lives in California.

Shaylee the Fairie

It's that time of year when the most fairie collectors celebrated holiday by the fairies has arrived with the coming of the Summer Solstice - also known as Midsummer's Eve. On June 21st, when the day is longer than the night, twilight will be at its longest in the sky revealing all the naked eye cannot see. More importantly to us humans, it is a truly magical time when the fairy world of enchantment opens up to ours - making the best day of the year to see fairies! So, be prepared: charge the batteries in your digital cameras and treat yourself to a magical and wondrous evening of possibly capturing never to be forgotten pictures of fairies.

Shaylee is on her way to her new home in Georgia. 
Born on 06/14/2011 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Carita the Fairie

I would like to introduce you to Carita, she is so cute in purple. She is an enchanted mythical being or legendary creature, a form of a spirit as most people would believe. Caritia is on her way to her new home in North Carolina. Born on 06/11/2011