Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July

It's been way to long since the last post. So I though it's time to play catch up on what's been happening. Wishing everyone an awesome 4th of July.
Summer time is here and we do lots of traveling on the motorcycle and of course I still have to work.
I will be photographing some senior pictures within the next month.
We are looking for a new house and hoping to move by spooky hollow if we can find what we want and the right location.
I created  this mummy called  Tutankhamun which derives from Hieroglyphics,  along with his little critters. He is made of fabric and clay, and stands on his own. His critters are made of clay and wire, they all residing in FL.

I also created a Art Journal  for a my swap partner Jackie and she also created one for me.
This is the one I got from Jackie along with a candle, pretty sweet isn't.
This is the one that I made for Jackie.
Outside cover is made of cardboard and mica paper that  I painted black, then I used a rub on to make it look more like leather. On the inside I used about 25 pages of black paper then glued different scrap paper to each page. The inside first and last page I created two different drawings, then cut them out in piece so that I could glue them in the book. I am leaving it up to Jackie to paint, makers or color pencil on them, whatever she feels like. I sent her some drawing paper and embellishment to use in her book if she wants.
 I will try not to be away for so long.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Steampunk Jeslyn

Jeslyn should be in Texas by now, but I tough I post a few photos and say hi, been awhile, I know I should be posting more but with 9 1/2 to 10 hours days, theres just not enough time in the day to do everything.  She stands on her own, I design my own outfits and her, she is made of fabric, clay, and medal. Also I wanted to show you a swap steampunk art skelly doll I got from a great artist named Mary Sanders Lazenby ( Blue Goose Studio) . Skelly looks awesome next to Jeslyn.
Hope everyone enjoys there weekend. Getting ready to do my favorite time of the year art spooky hollow,  and make some jewelry for my next swap. Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Commission Art Snowgal Magena Lugus and her toys

Hi, been a few since my last blog.
Well I was going to introduce you to Magena Lugus and her toys Shania the teddy and her doll Ariel.  She is on her way to her new home.
I have started on a new critter and she will be a steampunk gal, she has to be in the mail by the 20th of Feburary.
I'm also finishing up a harley davidson tree skirt for my self, but have been wait for a couple of piece to come trough the mail, they are taking forever to get to me. It should have been done before christmas, but I desided  to make a few for family and friends before I did mine, isn't that the way it is, your alway last on creating things for yourself. When it's done I will post photos. 

So these are the photos of Magena and her toys yet.