Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hi everyone, i hope evreybody had a great holiday.
I just finished "Trapped" my first full body polymer clay sculpture.
She is only about 6 inches but in total the hole sculpture is about 16 inches.  
I have packaged her up and she is on her way to California.
Orginality i planned on naming her release, but when i began her,  
she took on her own form as to what she wanted me to
artistically create. 
My inspiration for "Trapped" was fantasizing of being in an imaginary world of magic.  "Trapped"  keeper has kept a bird's mask over her eyes so that it prevents her from seeing what she longs for, "Freedom".

                            Trapped made it to California
safely.  I was glad because while she was being created, I broke her hands 2 times, so i'm guessing she did not like the first 2 sets of hands.

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