Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WIP Scary Critters Ideal coming to life

Ghoultide Gathering was great as always and I know all that showed enjoy it, even with it being chilllllly.

Here's my latest W I P,  what do you think, any ideals.

Something maybe creepy, I have to re-design the bike. Maybe a flying critter attached some place, who knows what I will come up with.
Also I will be making a different Witch, Soul Keeper, Ghost, who knows.
Halloween is only 26 days 12 hours 19 minutes 37 seconds
ooooo the count down is on.
Have a great day.

Well my thoughs for the motorcycle maybe a male that is similar to a creepy scarecrow that portrays the character jeeper's keeper's maybe, and the female would have raven wings with mask and dressed in black, both would have really creepy eyes ect. Them from the scarecrows arm or hand a small raven that looks like it is flying next to him, ect.

My Witch Zelda is almost done, started on her clothing today, so hopefully she will be done by sunday.
It's like to nice here in MI to be in the house, when cold weather is just around the corner, the nip in the air  makes halloween so much more fun.

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