Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ambrosia WIP

WIP Ambrosia, still have a few things I have to do, she stands on her own, I need to make her hair pretty, if the skull isn't to heavy I will place it in her hand, I have to still place some bones on her neck, touch up her paint, fix her necklace, ect ect ect. So many things that she wants done.
Her Skelly leg had to be replaced 3 time, not sure if the clay was bad or she just did not like those skelly legs. She will live for Az. monday.


  1. OMG!!!!
    I love her!
    she must be so smart - her brain popped out of her head. *giggle*
    you're making want to go do Halloween stuff! uugghhh! No, no, no.....gotta finsh the others first! :)

  2. Thanks Ron, she is smart, she knows that halloween is the best time of the year. But you can do both at the same time, they can fight for your time.