Monday, January 21, 2013

Commission Art Snowgal Magena Lugus and her toys

Hi, been a few since my last blog.
Well I was going to introduce you to Magena Lugus and her toys Shania the teddy and her doll Ariel.  She is on her way to her new home.
I have started on a new critter and she will be a steampunk gal, she has to be in the mail by the 20th of Feburary.
I'm also finishing up a harley davidson tree skirt for my self, but have been wait for a couple of piece to come trough the mail, they are taking forever to get to me. It should have been done before christmas, but I desided  to make a few for family and friends before I did mine, isn't that the way it is, your alway last on creating things for yourself. When it's done I will post photos. 

So these are the photos of Magena and her toys yet.



  1. It's not you. I had the same issue this morning. I think it's just a glitch and hope they fix it soon. You can always right-click on her pretty pictures in your facebook and go to properties. There you will find a URL to copy and paste. Hope this helps!

  2. Sure glad it wasn't me, and thanks, we have photos.