Thursday, April 17, 2014

Altered Configuration Box

Hi, everybody, spring is almost here. It's going to be about 50 today and hope that it sticks around to. One of the groups that I belong to we did a Altered Swap. I had an awesome partner, very talented. Camille made me an Altered Album Book with some cards. I made her a Altered Configuration Box.

Front of Configuration Box
                                                                       Back of Box
                                                                       Side Back

                                                                          Front Side

Made from Clay, Wood, drawer handle, Tim Holtz corner legs, chipboard creep cloth, scrappaper, Inks, Stain, Paint. Wish I would have had more time to add more stuff to it, but she love it the way it is. 
This is what she sent me.

                                                            Cover of Altered Book
                                                              Halloween Card she designed
                                                                 Inside Skull Card
                                                            Something for me to make
                                                                   Inside the book

There are about 3 other Halloween card that she also designed This was an awesome swap.

I am going to start a Dark Fae for my next swap, she will be made of clay, and her clothes of leather and lace I think. I'm thinking if I can get them done in time bat or dragon wings, not sure yet.  She's due on the 19th of May, but I can only work on her during the weekends and some of those days are already fill up with other thing that I have to do.
Hope every has an Happy Easter.

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