Sunday, May 11, 2014

Missing You Mom.......Happy Mothers Day.......

Missing You Mom

Today more than ever I miss you. I wonder if you were still with us she would be 81 years old”….I wonder what color your hair would be or might it still be black as a raven….If your voice would sound different with age or would it be as soft as the breeze flowing through my hair as I ride through the wind glaring into the sky.Would she have wrinkles hiding on her beautiful pale skin.I wonder what kind of words of wisdom she would have for us today.My Mom left us at the age of 54.To this day I still miss her with all my heart. I know she is watching over us and seeing with each passing day how much we have grown.And seeing that even thou she is not with us here on earth she has never left our sides. I miss you MomI love you and wish you a Happy Mothers Day.

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