Monday, January 30, 2012

WIP Shelf Sitter, BJD, Sculpture, Fabric Art Drawings

I Really need to get busy making these different art dolls, I have to get the shelf sitter done
first she is going to Ca for the March Shelf Sitter Challenge. 
Which I  pull out my drawing book, that dates back aways, because I know that one of these drawings  need to come to life. Most of my drawings are gothic,  So here goes.

                                 1st one is Ardat Lili, she will be a shelf sitter or a BJD,
she will be dressed in red and white which will lace up her upper back and then the lower side and back there will be lots of layers of white lace or sheer fabric, then one layer of red crush or silk fabric flowing from her back side.
Ardat Lili will have red hair hanging from her horns, also a red or white chain hanging from one of her ears, she will have redish eyes, red and black lips, white skin with her veins showing through. She will have vintage boots that will be white leather with red trim and buttons. White lace stocking with red string through them and her arms will match, also puffy shoulders.  At each joint I will use a red rhinestone with silver bead that will have a red string going through the bead if she is the shelf sitter other wise the jointed area will be clay for the BJD .  Less than a month to get her done.

                                       2nd Kalista will be Fabric and Clay or just a sculpture,
I need to redraw her with these wings or just add them on the page, I have to decide what I want to put into her hand.
I also need to design her clothing which will be in black leather , I think..


  1. Cannot wait to see these come to life! Great sketching by the way and how in the world do you come up with such unique names? That has to be one of the hardest things for me :)

    I also wanted to thank you for entering the give away and wish you lots of luck on that and on getting your shelf sitter done in time! I'm trying to myself :D Oh and in case you were wondering if I deleted you, I didn't.... I've deactivated my facebook for a little while.

    Many Blessings,

  2. Thanks Summer, I just hope I have her done in time, I have to many thing happening right now in creating for other. When I name my enchanted critters, I just want them to come close to my drawings, ect. There names come from me believing that what I see is, for example "beauty" "devilish' goth, ect, then I search for the right human, gothic, or creatures names that mean beauty and when I see the name I just know or just have that feeling it belongs to her or him. The character has to be almost finished as a drawing or fabric, sculpture, ect. before I name them. I hope that helps you in searching for names for your creation.
    I was wonder where you went.
    Thanks for the chance to win an incredible piece of your art dolls.