Saturday, February 18, 2012

WIP Shelf Sitter

Hi everyone, the suns has been shining here today so far, spring is on it's way.
Well I have almost finished sculpting her body parts, I still have her ears and
hand to do, if I don't get them finished, I will post pictures of what progress
I have made later. I'm not sure if I am going to string her yet, seemings I do 
not know for sure what I am doing with no instruction, I order a book on how 
 to make a BJD, but it has not arrived yet, so this little gal is taking on her own
shape, oh well, I just hope she turns out to the way I imagine her at least from my
drawing or my artistic brain, but we artists know that our creation normally take
on there own form and so far she's wanting to be stringed. Ok off I go to photograph
some pictures of her. Will post later tonight. Everyone have a great day.

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