Friday, March 9, 2012

Ardat Lili the Shelf Sitter is Finished

Hi everybody, "Ardat Lili"  is finished and on her way to California
 and I just hope she makes it there safely and gets there before the 15th.
She is slightly different from my drawing only because my sculptures or
any art medium come from my heart and soul, and there's a part of me
that connects with my creations.
I used LaDoll Premier Clay to sculpt her.
I changed the stlye of her clothing 3 times, decided not to put hair on
her only because I was running out of time, so I put red rhinestones
going down the back and top of her head. There was so much that I
wanted to do to her but you know how that goes when there just is
not enought time in the day to complete all your obligation.


  1. She is fabulous and I will be looking for her on the pages of ADQ! Lovely shades of red!

  2. Christine thanks so much, I had to search high and low to find that red, it's funny when your mind is set on something it takes me forever to find it, well at lease I do.

  3. I think she turned out magnificently and I love the rhinestones instead of hair...I think it gives her a more frightening persona :D

    Oh and the veining is awesome! That is what they are, right?
    Hope to see her come Autumn!

  4. Thanks Summer, the rhinestones were a last minute decision. You are correct those are veins, they are alway fun to do, I enjoy doing the more frighting side of art, it got to be the goth side of me, but I have to say she not as gothic as I would have liked, if only I had more time, what I could have done.