Friday, March 16, 2012

Skelly Beauty my next creation

Ok this is Skelly Beauty for now,
I will not name her till I create her, which will be this weekend into the end of
next week, not sure if she will be a fabric/clay art doll or just clay, also if she is
a fabric/ clay art doll these will be her cloths. Now lets just see if I can create her
pretty close to my drawing, which usually dosen't  happen because my art steers
me in a different direction it seems, thats ok, I do not mind.
Hope everyone has a great St Patrick's Day this weekend.

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Copyright:Enchanted Legacy LLC 2012


  1. I really dig concept sketches so I can not wait to see her come to life!!

  2. Thanks, I have been working on her slowly, just not enough time in the day, when so much is happening.
    Hopefully I will have her finished by the end of the month. Her outfit just reminds me of Tim Burton, at lease in my eyes. I'm doing one in clay and the other in fabric/clay, so lets see which one come closes to my drawings.