Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So my wrist is getting better and I think i'm going to try to make a few art dolls, 2 fabric/clay and 1 clay.
I have been sewing Emily Rose's gown for my granddaughter, I will also be doing her make up for halloween.
Next Saturday I will be taking the grand kids to Halloween Greenfield Village. I want to take them to Halloween Ceder Point but not sure they would be up to the walking, maybe in a few years.

Well I thought you might want to see a few picture of a costume that I designed or created and won 1st place everytime I wore it, I'm in the mood to create another one just as creepy. I made Ronald McDonald for the hubby, that was different and not creepy, a sweet kitty for my daughter which also was not creepy, I guess i'm the only one that loves creepy, my granddaughter sorta likes creepy.
Heres 3 picture in stages, first is air brushed then apply different shape prosthetics, then blend make up to match, My hair is made out of rope, hat was straw painted black and sanded, faux raven glued to the hat along with a snake. The the top, skirt, and trench coat all made from a faux suede, straw, square patches. Only 14 day till hallow night, just love this time of the year.
I'll see if I can locate the other costumes I have created.


  1. Thanks Summer, lookin foward to creating again.

  2. Ooooooo!!! Creepy! Love it lots!
    glad your wrist is healing up!

  3. Thanks Ron, it is slowly getting better, I still have pain here and there. It sure is getting a good work out creating these two art dolls, cant wait to see how it's going to feel when I use the clay for these dolls tomorrow.

  4. Uh, wow! So cool from the feet up to the hair! You must have a blast!

  5. Hi Christine, you know I did, Halloween is my favor time of the year, I love creating Costume along with any art medium.