Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Well the cast is off and therapy has started

Hi everyone, been a while and i'm hoping it will not be to much longer before I can start creating my art dolls again. I have been drawing and paint with one hand, still not the same as being able to use two hands, I would not wish this on anyone.
I hope to have full strength or use of my hand  within a few weeks. I was able take some photographs of my niece wedding on the beach over laber day weekend. After she has decided on the photo's that she wants in her book that I will be making then I will post those photos. But in the mean time I took this photo while I was up north in Oscoda, Mi.

Can you see the moon over the your right side of my photo, so how many of you out there could challenge yourself to capture both the sun and the moon in the same photo.

Thanks for stopping by, Darlene


  1. Beautiful pic, Darlene....
    Wishing you speedy healing and I replied to you on my blog. I don't know why it doesn't have the reply feature on it.....

  2. Thanks Summer, i'll tell ya I am just tired of not having full use of my hand, I really miss creating my art, not sure even if I can take photo's with the cast off, it was supporting the wrist and hand.