Saturday, November 24, 2012

Angeni the Gothic Ghost Bride

Hello everyone, heres a few pictures of Angeni, I still have to finish her little creepy crawlers and when completed I will post pictures of them with her.
Angeni stands on her own as all of my art dolls do, she does not need a doll stand as most fabric or fabric/clay art doll do.
My next creation is going to be a pair of high top boot style tennis shoe, I will be drawing and painting Jack & Sally on the shoes for a christmas present and also I will start on a all clay art scupture.




  1. Two things I find particular clever- the scull tiara and those long skinny hands! Its been way too long since I visited!,

  2. Thanks Christine, they are a little skinny but I wanted her to have a slimmer boney type of hand, seemings she is a ghost bride. The skull tiara did not turn out like I wanted it to, I was in a hurry when I made it, isn't it funny how we are our own worst critic. Hope you had an awesome christmas and New Years.