Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Changed Angeni's name to Chandra Ravensclaw

Hi everybody, tomorrows 12/12/2012, thats sounds like an really awesome day. I wonder how many babies will be born, or how many lottery ticket with these numbers12/12.
Well the more I kept looking at Angeni name it just did not suit her so I liked Chandra Ravensclaw.
I made her a Rat, Snake, Cameo Rose and a Claw. I started a story about few months ago of a Bride-To-Be.  I plan on doing my characters in clay & drawings for my book. But while I was make this Bride-To-Be, she sorta reminded me of the my character for my book. She will be a skeleton and there will also be a human form which is somewhat her, i'm sure when I start the clay doll there will be a difference. I will give you a small example of part of the story.

Chandra is a Bride-To-Be, on the day before her wedding she is tragically  murder  while out taking her late night ride in her horse and buggy at the stroke of midnight.  As Chandra strolled down the same dark road that she  traveled many times, a mist of fog appeared in the air on a summer night, a creepy eerie feeling brushed over her. Within  moments her soul was floating above her body.  Chandra though she was dreaming.  Her ghost waits at the alter for her husband to be, but has no ideal that she is no longer of human form on this earth.

So have you become curious to how this story will unfold. Some day I will publishes the full story.  Any ways a few more pictures of Chandra.

I was in a hurry and forgot to get photos of the snake and claw on her other arm and hand. The Rat looks alot better in person then in this photo, for some reason the grays which  are blended in the black did not show in the photo. She does stand on her own.


  1. Hi Darlene, The story is very good for your book. I like the name for your character Chandra.
    My studio is messy now ..... I could not finish my dolls, I hope to finish next week.

    Big hug

  2. Thanks Arellya, would love to finish the story like tomorrow, but there just not enought time in the day to do so.Ya I think this name fits her character. Your studio is so much cleaner than mine. Cant wait to see the new doll.